In Memory

Geoffrey Michael Rhizor

Deceased Classmate: Geoffrey Michael Rhizor
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Date Of Birth: Nov-29-1948
Date Deceased: Apr-5-2005
Age at Death: 56
Cause of Death: Unknown
Classmate City: Groveland
Classmate State: MA
Classmate Country: USA
Was a Veteran: Yes Army
Survived By: Linda A. Rhizor (wife), Michelle Ann Rhizor (daughter) and Geoffrey R. Rhizor (son). Geoff is also survived by his 2 brothers; Gary and Steven Rhizor.

I've thought of trying to find Geoff for several years. We worked on some of the same extracurricular activities, and he was a good friend with a quick, but subtle, wit. Our group was walking down Duke of Gloucester St and we noted a police car with a dented rear bumper. Geoff's quick but quiet comment was "I wonder who he backed into.". One of the smartest people in Math, he was politely amused when Mr Rogers referred to him as "Rye - zore". I wish that I had started looking sooner